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Nasdaq 100 Long

by SignalFactory   ·  August 24, 2020 | 09:19:13 UTC  

Nasdaq 100 Long

by SignalFactory   ·  August 24, 2020 | 09:19:13 UTC  

Lockheed Martin introduces a special laser pod for destroying targets on the ventricle of F16. There is no doubt that laser weapons are starting to find themselves not on the ground, but in their natural place – in the air.

Retion also introduces similar systems on Apatzy helicopters:

The Beauty is threefold:

1. The ability to bring the laser to the target.

2. The ability to operate surgically at levels we were unfamiliar with.

3. Ultrasonic missiles? No faster than the speed of light!

But it’s already on its way out of the atmosphere
Combat A.i:

Heron’s systems for combat artificial intelligence were implanted in an air combat simulator on a platform of F16 aircraft. In front of other platforms, including Lockheed Martin’s.


Decided to test in air battles human air in front of artificial intelligence.
Just as I watched Heron Systems’ artificial intelligence, in this case, tore the shape of the pilot to such a level that the question is asked to a pilot course for whom? And why?
once said: The best guys to the pilot. Now it’s atomic Chaos.

The machine was able to learn the pilot’s combat behavior in seconds and just ripped it out of shape.
Heron Systems also won against other systems, However… here comes the special but

Tesla’s processor is built so aggressively for this mission that it has been converted to combat needs: That is, instead of autonomous travel, An autonomous combat flight can currently change the air battlefield
I have a feeling that’s where the Americans are heading: F35 Combat autonomous without the man.

The era of autonomous combat machines in the air is here!

The SpaceX Dragon has already flown into space and is returning without human contact, And now in air battles, artificial intelligence has defeated man.

A new, exciting, and insane era in which American supremacy is guaranteed for 2 decades or more.

The technology and security exchange will still break unimaginable records.

The U.S. military currently has no real competitor and so neither for the US dollar nor for American technology!

Nasdaq Long (Buy)

Enter at: 11640.1

T.P_1: 12619.2

T.P_2: 13428.5

T.P_3: 15034.3

S.L: 10490.1

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